Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website all about?
SAMR recognizes that there are investment opportunities in stocks that are not covered by analyst employed at brokerage firms. SAMR also recognizes that the best analysis of a company might not come from a financial analysts who might have a conflicted motivation. Therefore, SAMR has devised competitions for qualitative analysis. In this way SAMR will obtain the best qualitative analysis possible and people who have qualitative analysis talent are rewarded even though they might work for a stock broker or in the financial industry.

What is qualitative analysis?
As you collect points and move into higher analyst categories, SAMR will share articles and excerpts that we have found to be helpful with qualitative analysis. However, we are interested in what you believe are the important qualitative aspects. We can tell you that qualitative analysis is not about predicting what this year’s or next year’s earnings will be. It is about assessing the long term competitive strategy and advantage of the company, the positions of the company in the industry, the pricing power of the company, efficiency of the company, the values of the company- especially its management, the motivation of management and employees, customer perceptions, supplier perceptions and competitor’s perceptions, just to name a few factors.

Who is Jane Siebels?
Jane Siebels is the founder of Siebels Asset Management Research (SAMR). Ms. Siebels has successfully managed money for 30 years. She started her career at Storebrand Reinsurance in Norway, and later worked for UBS Zurich as Head of Equity Management and Templeton as a portfolio manager/analyst. Ms. Siebels started Green Cay Asset Management in 1997, a hedge fund investment firm whose investors included Sir John Templeton and Julian Robertson. Her quest for alpha in emerging market equities, technology, global equities, hard asset equities and commodities led her to start SAMR. Ms. Siebels sold her firm, Green Cay Asset Management in 2014.

Why should I submit a report?
Every complete report will be paid for by SAMR with the winning report receiving an extra monetary prize. Monetary amounts are stated in each competition information page and are different for each country as they are based on financial analysts’ wages in that particular country. As reports are graded, and analysts collect points, he/she receives more compensation. There are three levels of analysts: Kittens, Cubs and Tigers.  Cubs and Tigers are eligible to receive references from SAMR upon request.

What happens to my report after it is submitted?
All reports become exclusive property of SAMR. The report is reviewed for completeness and assessed for ethical violations; see CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct Reports are read and graded by more than one SAMR employee.   Scores are then averaged and the report with the highest score wins the contest. In the case of a tie, the reports with the same score are reviewed and scored again. Jane Siebels will be the ultimate decision maker should a second tie occurs.

The scored reports are then divided into thirds with the reports in the lowest third given ‘kitten’ points; the reports with the scores in the middle third given ‘cub’ points; and the scores in the highest third given ‘tiger’ points. Points are then added to the analysts’ account and compensation is then paid according to the analysts’ standing. 

Scores and point divisions are reported on the web site. The winning analyst is announced on the job page for all worldwide participants to view. Results are also emailed to participants.

How long should my report be?
SAMR rewards quality not quantity- there is no minimum length- however, the report must be deemed complete according to the rules of the contest in order to receive monetary compensation.

What type of information should I include in my company report?
Your reports should be a qualitative analysis on the company, that is, it should contain an assessment of the firm’s long term competitive strategy and advantages, the position of the company in the industry, the pricing power of the company, efficiency of the company, the values of the company, especially management, the motivation of management and employees, customer perceptions, supplier perceptions, and competitor perceptions, just to name a few factors.  Please see the following CHECKLIST for an example of questions that should be addressed. DO NOT INCLUDE: any information/analysis from brokers reports, the company’s public financial reports/annual report or any analysis that is not original. Sources and references must be noted so that validity can be checked.

What is the prize for a winning report?
The prize for a winning report is at least triple the ‘tiger’ analyst compensation for that country. A winning report also places the analyst in the ‘tiger’ classification for the rest of the year. It also qualifies the report for the ‘Best Report of the Year’ bonus competition that is held for all winning reports. The Best Report of the Year will be announced on the home page.

How do I get paid?
When you register you will need to fill out your preferred payment option- credit card, money transfer, Western Union are all available.

How are payment rates set?
Payment rates are set by type of analysis, urgency of deadline and country (in the case of company qualitative analysis) 

Please note, fees associated with Western Union will be deducted from the total compensation. For information on Western Union fees, contact them directly as fees differ per country.

Is my personal data safe?
All of our web pages are encrypted at 128-bits on Internet Explorer and 256-bits on Firefox. This makes it difficult for anyone to intercept data transmitted between your browser and www. Additionally, sensitive information such as password and credit card number are encrypted before writing to the database. So, if the database is hacked, the data in it will still be secure.  Finally, we do not provide or resell our member list to any outside organizations. Financial information such as credit cards are only used to credit payment for completed submissions. Therefore, you can choose not to enter any financial information at the time of registration. However, if you submit a complete submission, you will need to update your financial information in order to receive your compensation.

How can I include a Microsoft Excel table in my report?
Financial analysis is not encouraged. SAMR is looking for qualitative analysis. However if a table is needed to show competitive advantages or percentage of sales in divisions etc., you can embed an Excel table within Microsoft Word and submit it as a Word document.

Can I submit a report for a country that is different than the one I registered in?
SAMR will be checking for multiple registrations and will automatically disqualify any company reports that violate this rule. However, industry, private equity/M&A and ad hoc requests are not limited to the country of registration.